Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Forgetful Captain

Tonight, Captain declared a Writer’s Night.  It is an idea that I came up with for the nights when he needs to work and I need for us to connect.  (Writer's Night )

I pulled the post up on my blog at his request.  He wanted to read it again to remember all of it.  We sat together as he read…and commented.  He liked the part about spanking over pajamma’s, then panties, then bare, and having me sit naked in our office. 

He goes and settles the house, makes sure all the kidlets are down for the night, and a final check of everything.  Then he comes back, leads me to the bathroom, and paddles me over my pj’s.  Then he lets me up, leads me to my desk and tells me to have fun reading and writing.

I’m sitting here very amused at his forgetfulness, lol.


  1. Ah least you got your clear-the-air spanking earlier. Enjoy your night. :)

  2. Bet you had a good night's sleep.