Saturday, September 8, 2012

One of those Little Moments

So this past weekend we were in Wally World…waiting forever at the deli counter.  It was loud and crowded.  Both my kidlets were jabbering, and I am trying to listen to the counter lady to make sure I don’t miss my turn.  AND Captain is talking to me.  And there is this annoying high pitched bell thingie going off every five minutes.  So I was distracted.

All of a sudden I hear Captain’s voice boom “Kate!”  Yes, he said Kate, not my real name!  He had my instant attention!  I was stunned.  His tone, his boom, and using my pseudonym instead of my real name; it all caught my immediate attention, FAST!

Then he stands there chuckling because it worked so well!!!!!!  And he says he might have to try that more often.  Men!  No…HOH’s! 


  1. Haha, that's pretty funny! I'm sure he won't forget it's effectiveness either;)

  2. LOL Kate! When I hear the word "Susie" in public it gets my attention in a hurry too. I'm terrified of the day when he says it and somebody looks at me funny...which will make me think that they know!