Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weight Loss, TTWD Style: Week 1 Results


Recently Captain and I made the agreement we would both try to lose some weight. 
( Weight Loss  ) 

On Saturday we weighed in.  Captain won by a land slide.  He lost 5.3 pounds and I lost 1.1 pounds.  So that means 64 swats for me with the implement of Captain’s choice.  And then I get to give the turkey…ummm, the Captain a back rub. 

Since I have been sick, the pay up has not been paid.  Captain is eagerly awaiting, lol. 

I am hoping to win this week!!!!!!!!!


The bet has been paid in full.  I did indeed get 64 swats…and the Cheater…ummmm, I mean the Captain did indeed receive a back rub.  Why did I call him a cheater??  No, not because he cheated on the scale.  He cheated with the swats…which he made me COUNT.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to count to SIXTY FOUR swats when you are being spanked?!?!?!  Then, THEN he claimed that a wooden spoon only counted after it had hit BOTH cheeks.  I said no!, each swat counts as a swat.  So a swat to each cheek should be counted as TWO swats.

I was over ruled.

I got the swats.

He got the back rub.



We had a great time.  It was one of those fun nights.  

And!!!  And…..I won the weigh in this week!  HEheHEheHEhe!!!!!!!

(not that I am gloating or anything) J

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  1. LOL. No fair that cheater. A swat should be a swat. :)

    I'm glad you won this week!!