Monday, September 10, 2012

The August Report

When we started ttwd this time, I started keeping track of our evenings.  One of the biggest issues of the past was my thinking Captain wasn’t consistent.  And him thinking that there hadn’t been any opportunities for us to do any spankings.  We never agreed.  So this time I kept track.  And I didn’t tell him.  I guess I wanted to see what he’d do.  And he might alter that because I was keeping track.  Yes, a month later, I do not feel good about doing this.  And after I post this, he WILL know. 


1 - otl, corner time

2 - otl

3 - otl, corner time

4 - otl, corner time, testing implements, very light

5 - otl, corner time, spanking moderate

6 - otl, corner time, quick swats,

7 - otl, corner time, spanking #1 of 4 moderate-high

8 - short otl, online shopping

9 - short otl

10 - camping

11 - called red...sick

12 - otl, corner time, spanking #2 of 4 very intense

13 - otl, spanking with new toys

14 - olt, corner time, postponed due to doc

15 - late night

16 - otl, impending drs

17 -otl, impending drs

18 – several quick swats throughout the day, late night

19 - reader's night (capsacain cream)

20 - otl, spanking (testing implements still, moderate)

21 - otl, spanking (intense)

22 - otl, spanking (high moderate)

23 - heating pad, blog reading

24 - heating pad, blog reading

25 - otl, safe talk

26 - late late night

27 - late night

28 - otl, spanking (low moderate) #3 of 4

29 - late night

30 - late night

31 - otl, spanking (high moderate)

So, the final count is 10 spankings in 31 days.  The longest I went without a spanking was 6 days, but that was because I was going to the doctor.  I had three discipline spankings, and 3 of   4 clearing the slate spankings.  And one discipline spanking that should have happened but was delayed by the doctor’s visit and eventually forgiven.

I’d say that is SUPER consistent. 

What I did notice was that OTL (My 30 Minutes ), the time when we talked about us and ttwd almost totally disappeared.  I miss that.  Corner time also disappeared.  Don’t miss that. J  I do plan on talking to Captain about all of this.

PS - Sorry about the funky highlighting...not sure what I did but I can't figure how to make it go away.


  1. Hi Kate :)
    That is a lot more time spent over the hubby's lap than I would want......
    On the other hand, it seems to be working very well for you and your Captain.
    I am never showing this to Ian. Sometimes I swear he goes looking for reasons to spank me.....or I am just paranoid, but still......
    It is nice that you get so much time talking...that is really nice. :)

  2. Lol. . .when we first started, I requested at least once a week. I was soon informed by Captain that he would spank me however, where ever, and when ever he chooses. He's been way WAY more consistent than I ever dreamed. And it is working well for both of us. We're still fine tuning, but I think that is always going to happen.

  3. Well that certainly looks like a good amount of time together. I hope you get back to more OTL. I know that time is pretty pecious to me too. ((hugs))

  4. I don't think you need to keep any more journals. He seems to be doing just fine w/o them. Sorry for your bum, oh wait, maybe I am jealous. lol

  5. Sounds pretty consistent to me :)

    Dee x

  6. It may be your copy-paste settings.

    I am guessing there will be no more complaints about consistency? :P

  7. Hi Kate. Captain needs to win the prize for consistency! I hope you get more OTL time.

    Thanks for all the advice you have given me!! You are amazing!