Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back on Track

Last night Captain gave me a ‘back on track’ spanking.  So many things have gotten behind and he’s let so many things go because I was down with a migraine.  Today is the first day I did not have to take any meds for it!!  We both felt that something was needed to clean the slate and reinstate full accountability.

It started with me bent bare bottom over the desk and him using the blue cane.  It wasn’t discipline but so much more than maintenance.  I was thankful he took into account I was still quite tender. He started light-ish and switched implements often.  He eventually found a rhythm and then things got quite intense. 

He lectured pretty much the entire time.  He reiterated our rules.  And he talked about some specific things for me to work on.  And some specific things he wants me to IMMEDIATELY get back on track. 

It’s been hard, that was three spankings in three days, two of them intense but it’s helped me so much.  I was able to get a lot done during the weekend.  And I feel confident to start the week.  And get the house back to normal.  And get *me* back to normal, lol.

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