Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rule #4 - I will take care of my health and safety

Rule #4 – Health and Safety 

I will take care of my health.  I will take precautions to be safe. 

I will go to bed at a reasonable hour.   

I will maintain and keep updated a migraine diary. 

I will drink at least two bottles of water every day. 

I will exercise at least 3 times per week. 

I will set my alarm every weekday. 

I will limit drinking soda, and must ask permission before drinking one. 

I will take my meds every day. 

I will take vitamins every day. 

I will try to lose at least one pound per week. 

I will keep my cell phone charged at all times.
I am sure there's going to be more that Captain adds to this as we go along. 


  1. They are very wise rules and should help keep you healthy.

  2. Hi Kate
    These seem like just good rules to live by.......a long and healthy life :D
    Your hubby takes good care of you :)

  3. I'm thinking I need to adapt some of these rules. Great post! ((Hugs))