Monday, September 17, 2012

Switches! Who Knew?

Switches are BUMPY!  Who knew?  I didn’t.  I’ve read several mainstream stories where someone got spanked with a switch.  Not one ever mentioned how bumpy and knotty they are.  Of course, they weren’t getting a spanking on the bare.  Neither did I.  But Captain did test several on my panty-clad bottom last night.

Yeee-OWWW-ch!  Those things sure are sting-y!!!

It was a totally different feel from anything else we’ve ever used.  And I am very glad he held back on the intensity.  These were cut several days ago.  I have read if they are fresh cut, they are more flexible, and therefore sting more. 

We have this poor, scrawny peach tree, so I don’t think there will be any more switches coming my way.  But he did keep the ones from last night he said something about whittling and peeling.  Not being a child of the south…not sure if that’s good or bad, lol. 


  1. LOL. I remember the only spanking I got from my mom when I was little. I had done something that scared her and it was serious. She made me go get my own switch. :(. I remember going to our maple tree and getting a switch. I did not made a good choice. I got a little wispy switch. I think a log would have hurt less. I might cut down that peach tree if I were you. ;)

  2. I confess to be quite afraid of switches... but of course that makes me curious too. :)

  3. Never been switched. Thankfully Mitch's imagination hasn't stretched quite this far to even think about stripping branches off trees. And if he did..... he'd have to travel to find a tree suitable :)

    Dee x