Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last Night's Migraine Spanking

Last night I received a migraine spanking.  These are very different from our other spankings, because I have much more control.  Captain is very, very good with these kinds of spankings.  It tends to get intense, which really goes against his grain, so to speak.  I think the last thing he would normally do when I am in such tremendous pain is give me a long, hard spanking. 

I also get to lie across pillows on our bed, which helps me to relax.  He starts really lightly, about half of the usual warm-up intensity.  And it doesn’t get harder or more intense until I ask for it.  I can also request any implements or change of implements.  Don’t think that this means giving it (or taking it) is a piece of cake.  These are long spankings that build up to a very high intensity.

I think because it is so long, it lulls me into sub space, a relaxed state, a place of calm, where my head isn’t being stabbed with a knife over and over, or pounded by a hammer, again and again.  I reach a place where after hours of holding my muscles tight against the pain, I relax.  I also tend to clench my jaw muscles, and that relaxes too.

Last night started with the blue cane, went to the white cane, to the loopy rope thingie, to the rattan cane, and finally settled on using a switch.  At my request, he kept on with the switch for a long time, getting more and more intense. 

Yes, it was the ‘bumpy’ switch I posted about yesterday.  Yes, he used it on bare skin.  No, I didn’t mind or care.  Yes, I asked for it.  Yes, I asked him to increase the intensity, several times.  Yes, I have a couple of small marks today.  Yes, I have a very tender bottom.  Yes, I am uncomfortable sitting. 



My pain level for the migraine has gone from a very solid 8 down to a 2 by the time I went to sleep.  Today I am at a pain level of 3 or 4.  But MOST IMPORTANT!  I am not overwhelmed emotionally with the pain.  I can cope.  My check lists got done.  School happened.  Dinner will happen, and is already planned.  While I can’t do anything intricate or tedious, I can think and concentrate to function and get through the day.  I am not puking or retching.  I am not considering violence towards anyone who makes noise.  I am not swinging between deep despair and murderous rage.  I am not overwhelmed with fatigue. 

So…would I take that kind of a spanking again…YOU BET!  And yes, if he were here, and the house wasn’t full of kidlets, I would be asking again.   

PS – I plan to do a more thorough description of dealing with migraines by spanking…when I can think to express it all clearly.


  1. Wow - this is obviously very effective for you.... has this ever been studied seriously?
    Do you have any idea what causes your migraines? I am glad your pain is in a controlled spot and hope you get feeling even better. :)

  2. I'll be interested in that post, Kate. I suffer migraines, too, and Ward tends not to spank when I have one. But if it works, heck, I'm all for it! Plus then I don't have to miss a day, lol.

  3. I noticed a major decrease in the amount...and severity of headaches when we were spanking frequently. Of course, that's not happening now and the headaches are back, but still not as frequent or severe... :)

  4. I have never heard about treating migraines with spanking. I do get migraines and my ogre rubs my feet..its enough to sometimes take the edge off so that I can fall asleep. It helps because sometimes it keeps me from throwing up from pain/nausea.

    I'm sorry you get migraine..ugh.

    I hope nobody tells my husband about this

  5. Hi Kate, I never usually leave a comment anywhere...just a lurker. However, as a chronic sufferer of migraines, I felt the need to let you know that orgasms (blush) work the best! Better than the spanking (yes, we've tried both. But both work because of the endorphines released. I am an RN, so I advocate migraine medication use...but it's not as quick or effective as the big O orspanking. I fight my husband on both because I'm not in the mood for either. But, he makes this all about me, no follow-up for him. He just takes careof things and lets me fall asleep. like a charm! Good Luck, Calli

  6. I suffered from migraines for years. I saw specialists, visited the ER a few times and lost time and felt miserable so many days. We also spanked, erotically, for years, but never put the idea of using spanking to treat them. We had no info, and no idea that one could treat the other. I'm so glad that you found a remedy. It's great that Calli gave you more info. I just never would have felt "up to" sex with a migraine, but I could have taken a spanking, and then a cuddle.
    I do wish we had known either of these remedies then. Meds never worked for me either.
    Once I started taking meds for high blood pressure, I stopped having them, and haven't had any since. I'm not making a diagnosis for you, as migraines can be brought on by many things, but I'm very happy to be migraine free now. Just sharing my own story.
    I hope you can find your own triggers. Personally I would prefer to be spanked when I'm not suffering from another kind of pain. Too distracting, lol. :-)