Monday, September 24, 2012


So the migraine monster made another appearance at the end of last week. Not fun. 

I was down for all of Thursday and most of Friday.  Then I spent Saturday trying frantically to catch up on my lists.  This was the first week I was accountable to Captain for getting all the list items completed.  Just because I have a list…doesn’t mean I get it done, lol!  Until now.

Sunday we had plans all day.  Stay at home, get things done plans.  We did get a LOT done and I am thrilled with the progress we made. 

BUT!  I had no time for blog writing!  It was maddening!!!  I kept thinking of things to write about, but had no time.  I resorted to making a very cryptic list so I would remember everything.  I just hope I can decode my list, lol.  I’ve finished everything for the day except cooking dinner…so I can FINALLY spend some time writing!!!!!!!!

I am seriously becoming addicted to blog writing!!



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  1. That's why blog writing gets so many of us in trouble. It can take over our lives. LOL