Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weight Loss: Week Two

So the Captain lost this week’s weight loss bet.  Together we lost 3.5 pounds and I won the bet.  Captain kept trying to up the number of swats…I was supposed to get 35, but he kept trying to make it much more…I told him he’s trying to use fuzzy math.  So he started with a warm up with the blue cane.  Then he stopped a minute to try some more fuzzy math, and held the cane like a walking stick and stabbed his own foot!!  It was already a light, teasing evening, but I burst into giggles…

I got my 35 swats plus a few extras.  Then he gave me a delightful back rub.  Outside of him ‘accidently’ dumping a small bottle of freezing cold massage oil on my back, it felt wonderful.  It was relaxing, and intimate, and cozy…and…you get the picture.  J

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