Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Eve of Reckoning

Our first meeting to go over my lists took place tonight.  All in all, I didn’t do too badly.  I am to keep my lists for the week, and circle in red any problem areas.  Than Captain and I will talk about each area.  Thankfully there were few problem areas, and only one immediate consequence for the week.

I failed to exercise three times.  That was partly because I had a migraine and partly miscommunication between Captain and I.  I thought he said I had to do 30 minutes…and I really have trouble keeping moving for that long.  I did one 28 minute block, and had a terrible time with my knees hurting the next day.  He actually wants me to start with 10 to 20 minutes, which I felt much better about.

After we had talked, Captain led me to the office, to the desk, and over I went.  I was not too excited about this because I was quite sensitive from the night before.  And this time there would be no back rub waiting for me afterwards.

Captain took full advantage of the situation.  He gave me these light stinging swats that about sent me through the roof because I was so sensitive but were quiet enough that he could talk over.  He gave something between a lecture and a pep talk.  It was chiding, and encouraging, and inspired me to do better for the upcoming week.

I am not sure how I feel about being so accountable.  I like the accountability, but it is a LOT to get done.  It’s seriously hampered my writing/goofing off time.  But I enjoy how good the house looks.  I know it will get easier…(somebody please tell me it will get easier)…but sometimes it feels daunting.  Sometimes I think just let me do my lists and leave me alone…but I know I won’t.  Not all on my own…because, let’s face it, lists are work in disguise. Bleck!

It doesn’t really matter.  Things, especially this thing we do, are his way, his time, and he decides.  So the Eve of Reckoning shall continue…whether I want it to or not.



  1. Yikes!
    Well, as long as it is working for you, and you seem okay with it, that is the main thing.
    It seems difficult to me, but then I am a giant weenie, I am thinking.
    Good luck, sweetie - hope your knees feel better :)

  2. Yes! Lists are just that, work in disguise but you have a great attitude here Kate. Hope today goes well and that the pain stays away so that you can get lots done.