Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Eve of Reckoning

Our first meeting to go over my lists took place tonight.  All in all, I didn’t do too badly.  I am to keep my lists for the week, and circle in red any problem areas.  Than Captain and I will talk about each area.  Thankfully there were few problem areas, and only one immediate consequence for the week.

I failed to exercise three times.  That was partly because I had a migraine and partly miscommunication between Captain and I.  I thought he said I had to do 30 minutes…and I really have trouble keeping moving for that long.  I did one 28 minute block, and had a terrible time with my knees hurting the next day.  He actually wants me to start with 10 to 20 minutes, which I felt much better about.

After we had talked, Captain led me to the office, to the desk, and over I went.  I was not too excited about this because I was quite sensitive from the night before.  And this time there would be no back rub waiting for me afterwards.

Captain took full advantage of the situation.  He gave me these light stinging swats that about sent me through the roof because I was so sensitive but were quiet enough that he could talk over.  He gave something between a lecture and a pep talk.  It was chiding, and encouraging, and inspired me to do better for the upcoming week.

I am not sure how I feel about being so accountable.  I like the accountability, but it is a LOT to get done.  It’s seriously hampered my writing/goofing off time.  But I enjoy how good the house looks.  I know it will get easier…(somebody please tell me it will get easier)…but sometimes it feels daunting.  Sometimes I think just let me do my lists and leave me alone…but I know I won’t.  Not all on my own…because, let’s face it, lists are work in disguise. Bleck!

It doesn’t really matter.  Things, especially this thing we do, are his way, his time, and he decides.  So the Eve of Reckoning shall continue…whether I want it to or not.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just because I needed more...

Saturday Night

This weekend, I was able to collect on my prize of a back rub…with only 16 swats, with the implement of my choice.  Happy, contented, sigh.

I always get a warm up when I am across the desk.  So the Captain did that with our blue cane.  Then I chose the white cane.  After dutifully counting (the verdict is still out on how I feel about counting), it was done.  Over. 

I was shocked.  I felt lost.  Empty.  Like part of me was missing.  Like…like something was unfinished…

UGH!  I needed more.  I knew it.  Captain knew it.  I recognize it, but hate it at the same time. 

Back over the desk I went.  I got many, many more sets of 16 swats BUT I got to pick the implements for each.  This wasn’t for any other reason than I just needed it.

Then I lay across our bed, with a very hot, red bottom and got the most delightful back rub.  Makes a nice picture doesn’t it?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stormy Blew By....

Friday evening, Captain and I had a conversation about his work habits (actually his workaholic habits). This has been an ongoing issue between us for a long time. He’s been staying late every night and worked the last two weekends. All of the weekends. He’s a public school teacher and the truth is HE WILL NEVER BE CAUGHT UP! EVER!!!

This school year he has 5 “preps”, which means 5 different lesson plans. More than that he is buried by bureaucracy (but that’s a different conversation, lol). His work has been a matter of contention for us in the past. We started ttwd during the summer, and I have been terrified that we will lose all the progress we’ve made now that he is back to work. And it really felt like that was happening. And I told him how I was feeling. And I was not happy that he would be working all of the upcoming weekend. Sigh. It wasn’t an easy talk, but I managed to not shut down AND to be respectful.


I am frantically trying to play catch up on my lists that I am held accountable for. Things just did not happen the last two days. And I am still adjusting to having to get it all done. And dh is gone all day to a fund raiser. Working on the weekend, *again*. And I am having to clean house with two unwilling kidlet helpers. It does not make for a happy Kate.

Sooooo….I called Stormy’s blog up on my ipad. ( Shelter In The Storm ) I started reading at the beginning. So the Kidlets and I would clean one room, then break for 20 or 30 minutes. I would read the entire time. And laugh…and laugh!!! And shake my head in disbelief. HOW could she say that?!?!? WHY would she say that?!?!?! Her poor bottom!?!?!?!

Clean and read, read and clean, repeated several times throughout the day. It helped me get through a really rough time. (Thanks, Stormy!!!!!!)

Before I go further, you must understand that I am a mouse. I do not have a sassy or feisty bone in my body. I am terribly lacking a sense of humor. I do not brat to my husband…I freeze him into an ice burg on an isolated island where he can never reach me by way of walls, shutting down, and never ending silence. I do not use my words to retort, comeback or sass. I do not use my words to maim or injure. If I am pushed that far, I go straight for the kill. The words that will cut another straight to the heart, with all the venom I can spew. In almost 15 years of marriage, I have never called my husband a bad name, never cursed him, but I have built walls that make China’s Wall look like a toothpick.

Now, if you have read Stormy’s blog…you know that she is NOT a mouse, lol…
And if you haven’t read her blog…go there immediately!

So after reading and cleaning and dealing with uncooperative kidlets…along comes Captain. I had had a miserable day. I was feeling miserable. I was still slightly miffed at him for being gone (even though we had talked about it and had changes planned for the future.) To say the least, I was in a bad mood. MissyKidlet had been with him all day, and came in in a mood. Things were not calm and peaceful. And he and I were going out to grab a bite to eat and then grocery shop. What fun!! (feel the spewing sarcasm????) After a huge scene to get the kidlets semi settled and be able to leave, we were finally out the door.

And then Stormy blew by…

As we were heading to the car, I said something about doubting my parenting skills.

Captain said something about not letting them engage me or getting entangled in verbal battle.

Then I, little mousey me…muttered. Muttered under my breath, words that I might have thought before but would certainly NEVER, EVER have voiced out loud. Any, yet they came spewing out in a oh-so-quiet-Captain-can’t-hear-me-voice…

“Gee, thanks that’s SOOOOOencouraging”. Feel the dripping sarcasm?

I was shocked at myself!

We got in the car, he asks, blissfully unaware, “Did you say something?”

“Ahhhhh…we really need to get the car vacuumed.”

Oh my!

Things went from bad to worse…because that quiet little mumble turned into some pretty big (read: HUGE) attitude towards Captain. It had been a really bad day. I felt like he kicked me while I was down. I told him I didn’t want to eat out. Let’s just get the groceries and go home. We sat parked in the parking lot of the restaurant, trying to talk. Well, he tried to talk. I tried to appear like I was talking and not shut him out. Or build a wall.

Then he drove to the food store. More was said.

Then Stormy blew by again!!! I musta read more than I thought, and it leaked into my sub-conscience.

I vented. I raised my voice slightly. It all came pouring out, venom and all. Minor sarcasm, bratting, and a spoon of anger. My peace was said. In a not so peaceful way. But it also was not a full on attack.



It helped. Captain listened, and heard. And I felt better. He felt better.

And we drove back to the restaurant.

It never would have happened if Stormy hadn’t “blew” by. The mouse that I am, gave way to the Kate I want to be…still me, but feistier, happier…with just a touch of sass!

PS – Dear Captain, if you happen to read this…the muttering was all Stormy’s fault! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sometimes I just don't care...

Captain and I have 3 wonderful kidlets.  Kidlet #1 is a young adult daughter still living at home, working part time and making tiny steps towards college.  She is totally her mother’s daughter!  She has some of my best qualities…and a few of my worst.  She’s more than I ever could be…and sometimes, more than I can handle.  Needless to say, we have our moments of major clashing.

It drives the Captain crazy because we argue/squabble.  She baits me, and I can’t stand to not have the last word.  She’s disrespectful and rebellious.  I beat a dead horse.  She has great ideas and plans.  I wonder at her common sense…or lack thereof.  She loves to say outlandish things just to get me going. She attacks when I am emotional.  I hound and nag when she is defiant.

Until now, the Captain has left the room.  I was not of the mind to take direction from him.  And thought his intervening was interfering.  So he’s left us alone to duke it out verbally.  This has not led to peace in the house.  

The other night, things were getting out of hand.  She and I were disagreeing.  Loudly.  Captain looks at both of us and says in that HOH tone “You both need to chill. Now.”  We both look at him.  She thinks he’s mad.  I think he’s HOH-y.  I make a parting shot and leave.  Captain talks to her. 

Later that night, Captain and I were discussing the situation.  We agreed upon a great solution.  When this starts, (he usually sees it coming before I do), he’s going to tell me to go sit on our bed.  Tell, command, order.  Firmly.  In front of dd.  And I will obey.  Immediately.

Then he is going to talk to her.  In a calm, controlled manner, something that I am incapable of in the moment.  I trust him to defend my honor (state the need for her to respect me), lol.  And to make a good decision on whatever the problem is.

After he is done with her, he will come in and see me.  And he will lead me to the bathroom, take down my pants and panties, and give me a short but thorough bottom tanning.  This is not punishment.  It will be to enable me to let it go.  Totally let it go.

Yes, she will know something is up.  She will see her father give her mother an order AND her mother obey.  And I don’t care a bit.  If it stops the bickering between her and I, I am all for it.  And it can only benefit her and I if we’re not at each other’s throats in conflict.

She’s seen the difference in our marriage.  She knows things were really bad…and now they’re not.  She knows we’re working on communication.  She knows that I am actively trying to show him more respect and follow his leadership.  She knows he is more attentive and talkative with me.  She knows we “smoke swap” (kiss…we watch Jane and the Dragon, and the term stuck, lol) much more often.  She knows our marriage is much stronger than it was three months ago.  And she likes the changes she’s seen.

So, if she has to see her father give her mother a command, and her mother go against every instinct (I do not walk away easily) and obey it…then so be it!  I have NO plans to tell her about the spanking/discipline part.  I just don’t care if she knows I obey him.  I'd rather her wonder at that than continue the fighting.

Ten Word Tuesday

Time for Ten-Word-Tuesday!!!

The more accountable I am, the less time to write!!!

So Not Fair!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Thursday Talk: Balance

Today was terrible.  My migraine is back and overwhelming me.  I am stressed and fatigued.  I canceled school today.  I sat in my chair, kept the house like a cave and watched tv with my kiddos.

When Captain and Kidlet#1 got home, things went from bad to worse.  MissyKidlet and I got into it again.  I was irritable.  She was baiting.  And I had NO tolerance for it, at all.  Finally, I ‘hibernated’ in my bedroom under advisement from Captain.  I got to be in a cold, dark, quiet room…and MissyKidlet got to live to see her next birthday.

However, because I didn’t expect to do that, I didn’t follow my lists and make sure certain things got done before bedtime.  UGH!  There was one thing left undone, which the Captain brought up.  The line between consistent and mercy is so blurred sometimes. 

There were lots of arguments for mercy.  I left a water bottle on the end table next to my comfy living room chair.  Now, technically the rule is I cannot leave glasses or cups on the table overnight.  This was a water bottle.  Hmmm.  I also did not know I would be vacating the livingroom as suddenly as I did.  Hmmm.  I have a really bad migraine.  Hmmmm.

The situation generated a really good conversation between Captain and I about rules, consistency, and mercy.  At first I wasn’t much help at all.  I kept wavering in my arguments.  Self-preservation would kick in and I’d argue that I shouldn’t be spanked.  Then I would think about how much him being consistent means to me, so I would argue that I should be spanked.  For these immediate consequences, the spanking is several swats with the short cane, no warm up, short and stingy…which I really hate. 

In the end, we both agreed that yes, I should be spanked.  But Captain was merciful in his spanking, so it was super short and not too stingy.    

The key between consistency and mercy is BALANCE!  Who knew?!?!  I think Captain and I have a much better understanding of both now.


So the migraine monster made another appearance at the end of last week. Not fun. 

I was down for all of Thursday and most of Friday.  Then I spent Saturday trying frantically to catch up on my lists.  This was the first week I was accountable to Captain for getting all the list items completed.  Just because I have a list…doesn’t mean I get it done, lol!  Until now.

Sunday we had plans all day.  Stay at home, get things done plans.  We did get a LOT done and I am thrilled with the progress we made. 

BUT!  I had no time for blog writing!  It was maddening!!!  I kept thinking of things to write about, but had no time.  I resorted to making a very cryptic list so I would remember everything.  I just hope I can decode my list, lol.  I’ve finished everything for the day except cooking dinner…so I can FINALLY spend some time writing!!!!!!!!

I am seriously becoming addicted to blog writing!!



Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Rule Pow-Wow

Recently, Captain and I had a long talk about the rules.  I had written a few paragraphs about each area we had previously defined, which we both know contained impossible standards.  These rules were written as the ideal, not the reality.  Effort is far more important than total success.  And lack of effort is a punishable offense.

Some rules are easy, the black and white one.  Either I did or I didn’t and it’s very easy to tell the difference.  I did take my medicine.  Or I did not.  Black and White.  Other rules are more at his discretion.  I was respectful or I was disrespectful.  Those types of rules are more difficult to define.

We had a long talk about the rules.  Captain picked a few from each area that are 100% in force and I will be 100% accountable for those.  We added to my checklists, for which I am now accountable.  We will be ‘meeting’ every Sunday evening to check my accountability for those lists.  There will always be a spanking…how easy or how hard is up to me and how much of the lists are done/not done.  Captain also set some immediately punishable rules.  Mostly little things that if they are not done by bedtime, I will receive an immediate spanking with the small cane for.  Please note…I HATE short, stinging spankings.    This is mostly to get me into good habits rather than continue the bad ones.

I love the accountability.  I will thrive on the routine…and that he is checking and caring whether it is done or not.  He did throw in a few rules that I didn’t care for…namely exercise three times a week but it can be wii fit or the tread mill, so I have some wiggle room.   

Even though I now have new constraints on my behavior, I feel very secure.  I feel loved.  And looked after.  SOMEBODY is going to NOTICE if things are done or not done!!!  I think that is the biggest enemy of a homeschooling/stay at home mom…no one really notices if you get messy or sloppy or lazy or play hooky for days at a time.  No one notices, no one cares and it is an easy habit to get into.  (I realize he *may* have noticed…but if he did, he never said much before)

So while I may end up doing more…I will also feel better.  I won’t be stuck in the mire of GUILT over not doing the things I know I should.  And when I fail, there will be a reckoning AND closure.  There will also be praise and encouragement.  All things that will inspire me to do well.  And of course…Captain standing over me with a cane is quite inspiring in itself!

Rule #4 - I will take care of my health and safety

Rule #4 – Health and Safety 

I will take care of my health.  I will take precautions to be safe. 

I will go to bed at a reasonable hour.   

I will maintain and keep updated a migraine diary. 

I will drink at least two bottles of water every day. 

I will exercise at least 3 times per week. 

I will set my alarm every weekday. 

I will limit drinking soda, and must ask permission before drinking one. 

I will take my meds every day. 

I will take vitamins every day. 

I will try to lose at least one pound per week. 

I will keep my cell phone charged at all times.
I am sure there's going to be more that Captain adds to this as we go along. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last Night's Migraine Spanking

Last night I received a migraine spanking.  These are very different from our other spankings, because I have much more control.  Captain is very, very good with these kinds of spankings.  It tends to get intense, which really goes against his grain, so to speak.  I think the last thing he would normally do when I am in such tremendous pain is give me a long, hard spanking. 

I also get to lie across pillows on our bed, which helps me to relax.  He starts really lightly, about half of the usual warm-up intensity.  And it doesn’t get harder or more intense until I ask for it.  I can also request any implements or change of implements.  Don’t think that this means giving it (or taking it) is a piece of cake.  These are long spankings that build up to a very high intensity.

I think because it is so long, it lulls me into sub space, a relaxed state, a place of calm, where my head isn’t being stabbed with a knife over and over, or pounded by a hammer, again and again.  I reach a place where after hours of holding my muscles tight against the pain, I relax.  I also tend to clench my jaw muscles, and that relaxes too.

Last night started with the blue cane, went to the white cane, to the loopy rope thingie, to the rattan cane, and finally settled on using a switch.  At my request, he kept on with the switch for a long time, getting more and more intense. 

Yes, it was the ‘bumpy’ switch I posted about yesterday.  Yes, he used it on bare skin.  No, I didn’t mind or care.  Yes, I asked for it.  Yes, I asked him to increase the intensity, several times.  Yes, I have a couple of small marks today.  Yes, I have a very tender bottom.  Yes, I am uncomfortable sitting. 



My pain level for the migraine has gone from a very solid 8 down to a 2 by the time I went to sleep.  Today I am at a pain level of 3 or 4.  But MOST IMPORTANT!  I am not overwhelmed emotionally with the pain.  I can cope.  My check lists got done.  School happened.  Dinner will happen, and is already planned.  While I can’t do anything intricate or tedious, I can think and concentrate to function and get through the day.  I am not puking or retching.  I am not considering violence towards anyone who makes noise.  I am not swinging between deep despair and murderous rage.  I am not overwhelmed with fatigue. 

So…would I take that kind of a spanking again…YOU BET!  And yes, if he were here, and the house wasn’t full of kidlets, I would be asking again.   

PS – I plan to do a more thorough description of dealing with migraines by spanking…when I can think to express it all clearly.

Where We Are and Where We are Heading

I read Stormy’s Post about One Month from Two Years (One Month from Two Years) 

I loved her list.  It’s so many of the things I have recently found with Captain and so many I hope to find.  Things rekindled after years without…anything.  We didn’t fight.  We didn’t yell or scream.  On the surface, we looked fine.  *If* you didn’t look too hard. 

It was easy to excuse my sleeping elsewhere because of my extreme insomnia and his snoring.  We were pleasant.  We could maintain a friendly conversation about kids/house/finances.  But I had more interaction with the checkout lady at Wally World than I did my husband.  I felt like a stranger in a house with someone that I was raising kids with.

WOW!  How things have changed in two months!


We laugh more…and we laugh together

We forgive. (And I am working on the forgetting part)

We talk a LOT more.

We have peace when we’re together

When he speaks, I listen (And I am working on the making changes part)

When I speak, he listens and actually HEARS me

We’ve learned to talk things out (And I am working on not shutting down or building walls)

We sleep in the same room, in the same bed

I have a blog…and he reads it…AND other blogs

We spend more time together…and ENJOY that time

We have rekindled the friendship that was lost

My lists are actually getting done…and he helps

Disagreements are talked out, not left to fester. 

I was disappointed when summer vacation was over, not glad to see him go back to work

“Yes, Sir” is said much more often and with respect.

I listen when he talks (Working on stopping what I am doing and giving him my full attention)

Our kids see us “smoke-swapping” now (Jane and the Dragon for kissing!)

Lying across his lap is a safe place, and I am there often, just for us to talk

I do not read to block him out

I have learned that he means it when he says I am not allowed to shut down
We’re working on baby steps together, rather than walking away from each other

He asks how my day went…and really wants to know

I kneel by his chair in the living room just to talk with him

I know there’s still a lot of work to do, and that new problems will come. And I know that things won’t always go well with ttwd. But I feel like Captain and I are on the same team again. We’re not on separate teams, in different leagues, in different countries. We’ve found a way to fight together against outside forces.
So for right now, I am not going to borrow trouble…but enjoy the ride. . .we've came a long way in just a few months.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten Word Tuesday

I saw this on the blog A Uniquely Different Life and thought I'd try.  Sorry I didn't link to the blog . . .but Check my blog roll.

Ten Word Tuesday

Up way, way too early, can't sleep, allergies & head ache.

Hmm, let's try another. . . .

Switched, paddled, and caned this week, & sitting tenderly w/ sore bottom!

He,he,he this is fun!

My blog, my rules....symbols and abreviations don't count.  (yes, it's spelled wrong... But I'm too tired to figure it out. . . )

Lol...please don't mind me. . . I'm high on pain meds, allergy meds, and hot tea . . .and I'm sure lack of sleep isn't helping.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Switches! Who Knew?

Switches are BUMPY!  Who knew?  I didn’t.  I’ve read several mainstream stories where someone got spanked with a switch.  Not one ever mentioned how bumpy and knotty they are.  Of course, they weren’t getting a spanking on the bare.  Neither did I.  But Captain did test several on my panty-clad bottom last night.

Yeee-OWWW-ch!  Those things sure are sting-y!!!

It was a totally different feel from anything else we’ve ever used.  And I am very glad he held back on the intensity.  These were cut several days ago.  I have read if they are fresh cut, they are more flexible, and therefore sting more. 

We have this poor, scrawny peach tree, so I don’t think there will be any more switches coming my way.  But he did keep the ones from last night he said something about whittling and peeling.  Not being a child of the south…not sure if that’s good or bad, lol. 

The Guy Speak Letter

Before I approached Captain about bringing ttwd back into our lives again, I spent a couple of days reading.  We had tried so many times before, and failed.  And our marriage was in terrible shape.  We were on the brink of ‘either this gets better or we consider separating’.  It was not an easy place to be.  Before I talked to the Captain, I did some reading…okay a LOT of reading.  I knew that we could not afford to fail again.

I found Mick’s Blog Husbandly Touch  (Husbandly Touch).  I spent the entire day reading it from first post to last.  I appreciated the ‘guys’ point of view.  I don’t think I had ever truly realized how hard it is for the husband to step up.  I enjoyed reading their journey over the span of a few of years. 

I found this post A Letter to the HOH (Letter to HOH).  It was everything I wished I knew how to say…but put into ‘guy speak’. 

Reading Mick’s Blog totally changed my perception of how to approach Captain…and it has worked so much better this time.  For the first time, it feels like ttwd is benefitting us both.  Captain has stepped up in ways I never dreamed.  And I’ve found a level of respect and submission that I didn’t know was in me.

When Captain started reading, I suggested he start with Husbandly Touch and read it ALL before anything else.  And while I am mildly concerned Captain may become as strict and consistent as Mick is, I am also sure that it will benefit both of us…again.

So Thank You so much, Mick, for your writing, your wisdom, and your wonderful sense of humor. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just because HE Says So!

Last night I was spanked for no reason. . . other than because he says so.  It’s sort of maintenance, reminder, and encouragement all rolled into one.  The mood of these spankings tends to vary greatly.  Sometimes it can even be playful, light hearted razzing…and sometimes it can have a discipline aura.  And I am never sure what to expect.

He calls them “Say – So” spankings because they happen on his say so…not mine.

Last night had a discipline aura to it.  He has definitely found his authoritative voice!  I didn’t feel like I was in trouble, but I did feel the weight of his expectations.  It wasn’t a heavy weight.  It was like wrapping up in a warm blanket.  He’s there.  He’s noticing.  And he’s going to hold me accountable.

I am not sure why he’s been “saying-so” quite so often, other than he can.  Maybe he thinks I need it.  Maybe he’s right.  I spent years (and years…and years) waiting for him to initiate spankings.  Now, I’ve had the thought a time or two this month…”What? Again?”  And, yes, I would MUCH rather have this than be waiting.

But it does require more pillows!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Area #4 - Taking Care of my Health

Last night Captain addressed the last of the four issues we defined at the beginning of ttwd.  Issues one, two, and three were respecting him, controlling my emotions, and taking care of the  house/chores/finances/homeschool.  Last night my health habits (or lack thereof) was addressed. 

We did a lot of talking beforehand.  I knew this was coming and I was prepared for it (mostly).  As always, he started with the blue cane for a warm up.  Then he switched things around between the white cane and a wooden paddle.  It was a long hard spanking, but needed for him to drive his point home.  He added a few rules that I hadn’t anticipated.  And one I dread!  I must begin exercising on a regular basis.  UGH!  I will be working all the new rules into a journal post in the next few days.

The good news!  I won this week’s weigh in!!  And I only have 15 swats coming!  A back rub will be SO worth those 15 swats, lol.

About Rituals

I recently read these two great posts:

Secret Rituals   

Not So Sectret Rituals (part one)

Yes, I am eagerly awaiting part two of Not So Secret Rituals

 I am a routine type person.  I love having routines!  I get SO much more done when I have a routine.  I feel better and more secure when I have routines.  I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom, routines are essential in us getting things done because there is no one here to enforce things.  It’s easy to play hooky from school and let chores slide and just hang out in jammies and watch tv all day.  My kidlets would love that! 

Right now I have a checklist that I use every day with all three of us, myself included.  We have the morning checklist, then do school, the afternoon checklist, the dinner check list, and the bedtime checklist.  It’s the only way I have found for me to get things done.  A checklist and a routine, every day.  Well, every school day.

With ttwd, we started with a routine of me spending 30 minutes laying over his lap and talking.  It had no connection to spanking.  It was just something we did almost every night in the beginning.  (My 30 Minutes)  During this time, I kept track of this and spankings for a month.  At the end of the month, I was feeling very unsettled, even though I was getting plenty of spankings.  When I looked at my tracking sheet, my otl time had decreased to almost nothing.  I was unsettled because a ritual I had counted on was gone.

All of our spankings happen at night after the kidlets are settled for the night.  Typically, Captain and I go to bed after the kidlets go down for reading time.  We talk real-life stuff while we wait for reading time to be over.  Then we wait some more.  Then Captain makes one last round making sure everyone is settled and hopefully asleep.  This is more to reassure me that they are indeed in bed.  I tend to be a bit paranoid, lol.  Then, if there is to be a spanking, he leads me by the hand to the desk.

That’s it.  Would I like more ritual before, during, and after a spanking?  Yes.  Absolutely.

But it is also a control thing for Captain and I…well, namely me.  In the beginning, I made the mistake (several times over) of trying to ‘script’ spankings, complete with all the rituals I thought I would want.  And since I am not in control this time, I may suggest, but he decides.  And he hasn’t really decided any more than leading me by the hand. 

Truthfully, I’d like a ritual, something small, that we do most every night, that doesn’t necessarily have to do with spanking…but everything to do with our connecting on a ttwd level.  His dominance/HoH-ness and my submissiveness.  We get so busy, that connecting on that type of level is hard for us sometimes.  I think I would find comfort in that.  And of course I’d like some rituals for when there is a spanking, lol.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Night's Consequence

Last night went good, well, as good as a consequence can go.  I had told Captain when he got home that I would like to talk that night.  After the kidlets were settled and the house was quiet, we were able to talk things out.  He had already read my blog post, so he knew most of what I was going to say.  I still told him everything, but knowing he knew made it easier to get the words out.  He was very understanding.  He did tell me there would be a spanking, but didn’t elaborate.  So I was left wondering what type of spanking but I was determined not to ask.  I didn’t have to wonder long.  He asked how many swats I had taken from our first Weight Loss bet. 

“Uhhh, 64, I think.”

“And how many the next time?”

“35.  Whyyyy?”

“Your consequence is going to be a specific number of swats and I am trying to figure out how many.”  Gulp!  I was very still and very quiet.  It is still very burned into my memory the spanking I got when he cleared the slate for emotions, namely shutting down or shutting him out. 

“50, I think it will be 50.” I think I gasped.  “You will have exactly what I choose to give you at whatever intensity I choose.  I will give you exactly what I want you to have.”  I think I nodded or something, I was a little stunned.  So much for mercy.

Captain told me to strip and sent me to wait in the corner while he checked the house for kidlets and burglers.

When he came back, he led me by the hand to the desk.  He told me that I would have a warm up first.  AND that there might be more than 50, but only the 50 would be for consequence.  I bent over the desk with much trepidation. 

He started with the blue cane.  I am so thankful he believes in warm ups, even for consequence.  Then he took me over his knee and gave me 50 swats with the paddle, which he made me count.  He’d swat, I’d count, and he’d lecture.  Truthfully, the swats were at a “moderate, better listen up!” intensity.  It smarted but didn’t overwhelm me.  The lecture, however, was more painful to take than the spanking. 

He talked about how it tears us apart when I shut him out, that I should be able to tell him anything, that I shouldn’t ever divert subjects, that he will give me space when I need it, but that I am always to be honest with him.  That “this thing we do” calls for honesty in all things.  Cringe.  And cringe some more. 

For a man who had trouble finding words in the past, he’s certainly found his mark now.  He NEVER used to lecture.  In fact until this time, I don’t think I had any real discipline spankings.  At least not any initiated by him.  Now he deems them necessary on a regular basis.

Afterwards, he had me lay across his lap, rubbed in some lotion, and talked about how we can better our communication.  Not another lecture, just talking about talking.  We also talked about taking some time this weekend for talking.  Not only do we want to talk but we want to talk about these specific things. 

I went to sleep with a very warm bottom, but I am so glad I told him.  And that he dealt with it.  And he is forgiving and ready to move on.  So am I.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Digging the Same Hole, Over and Over

I had this thing lurking around in my brain for several days…you know, one of those thoughts you just can’t seem to let go.  Living in the country now, I guess I could say I had something stuck in my craw.  And it all came to a head last night.  When will I ever learn?  That is rhetorical, please don’t answer.

Captain had said something (really just a word choice) a few weeks ago when we sorting this all out, just as we were starting ttwd, that I just couldn’t let go.  And it was haunting me now.  I think some other issues brought it to mind and just as I was about to take a step forward in my submission to him, this word just kept pulling me back, preventing me from moving forward.  It was so confusing.  And hurtful.

Last night, Captain decided I would have a “say so” spanking…because HE says so, lol.

I took it.  But I didn’t accept it. KWIM?  I didn’t protest.  I bent over the desk.  I took each swat.  I lay across his lap when he told me to.  But instead of being more connected with him, I was further away.  He talked and questioned me a lot.  I answered.  But I didn’t share my heart.  I told him I was having trouble tonight and that I had something that I was trying to work out but I didn’t want to talk about it.  He said that he would give me time if I needed it, but  he needed me to talk to him about it in the next few days.  Then he asked me if I was putting up a wall.  This is a HUGELY loaded question.  If there is one rule which he will enforce without exception it’s no shutting him out or building walls. 

I hate to admit it, because I am ashamed that I did it (and because he will read this and I’ll never get away with it again).  I diverted the subject so subtly that it was hardly noticeable.  I told him, “But I did everything you asked, I took the spanking.  I am here across your lap.  So I am not building walls.”  We talked about submission then.  He came back to whatever was bothering me, but it was mostly in the context of giving me time to sort it out.  I asked to get up, which he allowed. 

Then we snuggled up in bed, lying facing each other, just chatting.  And I end up spilling my guts.  I struggled mightily.  And it took a long time for me to get started.  Then it all came pouring out.  And we were able to sort it all out.  I feel better about what he said.  He apologized for a poor word choice.  I forgave him.  This is a hard thing, I hold grudges.  For a long, long time, usually.  But I was able to let this go totally. 

We agreed there might be a need to for a spanking addressing the evening again, just for closure.  But we both were at peace when we went to sleep.  The spankings are much easier to take than the talking/communicating is sometimes.  But the benefits of both are SO wonderful for us.


I SO, SO wish I could end this post here…but I can’t.  Of course I was putting up a wall!  I was shutting him out!  I wasn’t sharing with him what was bothering me.  I wasn’t accepting of the spanking he gave!  And, of course, I have to tell him.  Tonight.  Sigh.

And I nit-picked words and changed the subject, justifying what I had done.  The argument that I had taken the spanking, so of course I wasn’t put up wall, was deceitful.  And I knew it.  Truthfully, if I am upset enough for it to change my behavior, he should NOT give me time to “sort it out”.  It’s a wonderful delay technique for me, but not so great for honesty or communication. 

And I have to tell him all of this too.  Tonight.  Bigger Sigh.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weight Loss: Week Two

So the Captain lost this week’s weight loss bet.  Together we lost 3.5 pounds and I won the bet.  Captain kept trying to up the number of swats…I was supposed to get 35, but he kept trying to make it much more…I told him he’s trying to use fuzzy math.  So he started with a warm up with the blue cane.  Then he stopped a minute to try some more fuzzy math, and held the cane like a walking stick and stabbed his own foot!!  It was already a light, teasing evening, but I burst into giggles…

I got my 35 swats plus a few extras.  Then he gave me a delightful back rub.  Outside of him ‘accidently’ dumping a small bottle of freezing cold massage oil on my back, it felt wonderful.  It was relaxing, and intimate, and cozy…and…you get the picture.  J

Monday, September 10, 2012

The August Report

When we started ttwd this time, I started keeping track of our evenings.  One of the biggest issues of the past was my thinking Captain wasn’t consistent.  And him thinking that there hadn’t been any opportunities for us to do any spankings.  We never agreed.  So this time I kept track.  And I didn’t tell him.  I guess I wanted to see what he’d do.  And he might alter that because I was keeping track.  Yes, a month later, I do not feel good about doing this.  And after I post this, he WILL know. 


1 - otl, corner time

2 - otl

3 - otl, corner time

4 - otl, corner time, testing implements, very light

5 - otl, corner time, spanking moderate

6 - otl, corner time, quick swats,

7 - otl, corner time, spanking #1 of 4 moderate-high

8 - short otl, online shopping

9 - short otl

10 - camping

11 - called red...sick

12 - otl, corner time, spanking #2 of 4 very intense

13 - otl, spanking with new toys

14 - olt, corner time, postponed due to doc

15 - late night

16 - otl, impending drs

17 -otl, impending drs

18 – several quick swats throughout the day, late night

19 - reader's night (capsacain cream)

20 - otl, spanking (testing implements still, moderate)

21 - otl, spanking (intense)

22 - otl, spanking (high moderate)

23 - heating pad, blog reading

24 - heating pad, blog reading

25 - otl, safe talk

26 - late late night

27 - late night

28 - otl, spanking (low moderate) #3 of 4

29 - late night

30 - late night

31 - otl, spanking (high moderate)

So, the final count is 10 spankings in 31 days.  The longest I went without a spanking was 6 days, but that was because I was going to the doctor.  I had three discipline spankings, and 3 of   4 clearing the slate spankings.  And one discipline spanking that should have happened but was delayed by the doctor’s visit and eventually forgiven.

I’d say that is SUPER consistent. 

What I did notice was that OTL (My 30 Minutes ), the time when we talked about us and ttwd almost totally disappeared.  I miss that.  Corner time also disappeared.  Don’t miss that. J  I do plan on talking to Captain about all of this.

PS - Sorry about the funky highlighting...not sure what I did but I can't figure how to make it go away.