Saturday, September 15, 2012

Area #4 - Taking Care of my Health

Last night Captain addressed the last of the four issues we defined at the beginning of ttwd.  Issues one, two, and three were respecting him, controlling my emotions, and taking care of the  house/chores/finances/homeschool.  Last night my health habits (or lack thereof) was addressed. 

We did a lot of talking beforehand.  I knew this was coming and I was prepared for it (mostly).  As always, he started with the blue cane for a warm up.  Then he switched things around between the white cane and a wooden paddle.  It was a long hard spanking, but needed for him to drive his point home.  He added a few rules that I hadn’t anticipated.  And one I dread!  I must begin exercising on a regular basis.  UGH!  I will be working all the new rules into a journal post in the next few days.

The good news!  I won this week’s weigh in!!  And I only have 15 swats coming!  A back rub will be SO worth those 15 swats, lol.


  1. Good luck! It is not fun to start, but you will feel so glad once you see progress. :)

  2. Congratulations on getting started on your healthy new life, Kate!
    You certainly have all the motivation one would need. Eeek!
    Your captain scares the pants of me, although I would like him to possibly spank my sons soon to be Mother-in-Law.....joking, I think.
    Good luck, girl

  3. Congrats on your weight loss.Good luck with your new schedules. Enjoy tomorrow

  4. Congratulations on your weigh in this week and your new health coach :)

  5. A back rub is such a great reward.Yea for only 15 swats!