Sunday, September 9, 2012

Migraine Prescription: One Long Spanking

I was spanked last night.

It was just what I needed.  It had been a particularly grueling day.  I still had my migraine and my coping skills were worn out.  After about the third or fourth day, I start to unravel because of the constant pain.  And the dvr thing broke which required a repairmen visit (which meant I couldn’t stay in my jammies like I had planned).  And my oldest kidlet was home for the morning and there have been some extra tensions between us lately.  And in the afternoon, kidlet #3 comes in crying hysterically.  He had seen a rattle snake and it scared him (nothing compared to how bad it scared his mama!).  He did the right thing and dropped the “cool stick” he was picking up and ran the other way.  You might have guessed, we live in the county.  It was everything I don’t need on a day I have a migraine.

That night, Captain got home early from picking up kidlet #1 from work.  It was nice to have him home early.  He told me I would be spanked tonight!  I was thrilled…and apprehensive.  If it’s not ‘right’, I tend to get angry instead of it helping (it’s a migraine thing).  I also knew that Captain had been asking many questions and I had answered as honestly as possible…so I had hopes things would be okay. 

Normally Captain has me bend across a small desk in the office.  Tonight, he had me lay across pillows on the bed…much more comfortable for me.  He started with my favorite blue cane…and swatted very light to start.  I had some real trouble dealing with the intensity even though it was less than half of what a normal warm up usually is. 

Captain was wonderful.  He just kept swatting, and talking to me.  No scolding, no lecture.  Just reassurance that we are okay and that I will be okay.  And that this was only to deal with the migraine and help me cope. 

He asked me often which cane I prefer.  Each of our canes has its own feel.  He switched them around quite a few times for me.  It took a bit for me to relax and just feel the spanking, but I finally did.  He finished up with our Rattan Cane, by far the stingy-est, at my request.  And I finally was able to take some higher intensity.

He applied some lotion to my bottom.  It had turned into a pretty intense spanking.  And I am still sore today.  But I am coping SO much better today.  I’ve gotten started on catching up all the things that I’ve let slide the last few days.  And I’ve got to write quite a bit.  And, although I am still in pain, I am able to function and not feel overwhelmed. 

All very good results from a spanking last night!
(Written on Friday)


  1. Hi Kate,
    I didn't know it could work for a migraine, but I learned by accident that it helps with my PMS problems. I discovered, quite by accident, its effectiveness. When I am hormonal and cranky, I get surly and disrespectful and I have actually received a couple of hard spankings during that time. To my shock, I felt better, lighter and less moody after (and in the days after). I am NEVER telling Ian, of course, but it was either a co-incidence or it helps.
    Your Captain is very intuitive to yours needs, Kate. That is really nice. :)

  2. I find that a good spanking will make the rest if me numb and I like it. No back pain, no headache, no stress, just a bright red posterior. It's a cure for what ails you! Glad it helped you. ((hugs))

  3. Hm...I have never thought about this before. I think it's because I only figured out the connection *after* was back to rights (and usually thoroughly spanked) and was in my "don't dare to say boo" mindset. I think it helps to channel the frustration (at being in pain, etc.) at something specific, and then it releases tension afterward.

    Ouchy about the cane, but I am glad you liked it. :)

  4. I am happy that it fixed your migraine. It is wonderful when everything works as you hope it will. Good for the Captain.

  5. Glad you are over your migraine and the captain stepped up and gave you the spanking you needed to get passed it.