Friday, September 7, 2012

Wrapped in a Warm Cozy Blanket

Earlier this week, Captain gave me just a plain ordinary maintenance spanking.  It was with the canes but not intense.  We didn’t address anything.  He didn’t mention all the things that were going undone because I didn’t feel well.  Or my occasional lack of respect.  He just swatted enough for me to feel a nice stinging burn.  Even and steady.  Again and again.

Even though I had a migraine, or maybe because I had a migraine, this was the most comforting thing he could have done.  It felt so much like a being wrapped in a warm blanket.  Safe and
cozy.  When we went to bed, he just held me close. 

I was able to find rest in the ‘feel’ of being so well taken care of. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh migraines are so awful! I'm glad that the maintenance spanking helped. Believe it or not a spanking always makes me feel so much better (even when sick and hurting) Hope you are feeling much better today!