Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Writer's Night!!

Work?  You have work to do?  You brought work home??  But you know your wife is looking for something else tonight.  And it does *not* involve you being in front of a computer all evening.  What’s a man to do when work invades his time with his gal?

How about this??…Declare a…  

                                         Writer’s Night! 

Tell your wife early that tonight is a Writer’s Night!

Get the kidlets settled in their beds for reading time.  Come in, bar the door, turn on the noise makers, music, loud fan, etc.  Paddle in hand, guide her to the bathroom.  Start by paddling her over her pajamas, a dozen or so swats.  Tell her that she will spend the evening enjoying herself on the internet.  Have her remove her pajamas, and begin paddling her over her panties.  Give her another dozen or so swats.  Tell her she may write for her blog, or read other’s blogs, anything she wishes.  Then have her take off the panties and paddle her bare bottom.  Firmly tell her this is to be an enjoyable time, she may not work on paperwork or finances or homeschool. 

Then lead her to sit her warm bottom in the computer chair.  Yes, she must stay naked.   Leave her with a kiss on the forehead and wish her a fun evening.  Now go sit at your own desk across the room and watch her enjoying her extra computer time.

You might “refresh” the spanking every so often.  She does write better with a warm bottom.  She will feel loved and taken care of.  She will be glad for the couple of extra hours on the internet and the restriction against “working”.

And while she is exempt from paper work tonight, you are *not*, so get busy! 



  1. Sounds pretty inventive, Kate! Did it work out like you planned? :)

  2. That sounds wonderful! Too bad I'm getting my first no fun spanking tonight. :(

  3. We haven't actually tried it...yet. I get to write any suggestions I have here for special nights. I never know when/if he reads them...OR when/if he will choose to implement them. We've had issues in the past with me pushing. This way I get to write, express all my ideas, but doing them is *his* idea. :-)
    He did have us do a Reader's Night #1 after I posted it. It didn't turn out too well...but I appreciated him trying it. I am thinking that I will like this a LOT better, lol.