Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fun with Anagrams

 I got this from Hermione’s Heart Blog…(Hermione's Heart)

It's an anagram generator and I typed in the name of my blog.
I had a great time narrowing down the 900 plus possibilities…

A Antic Naked Pat – my antics results in naked pats and taps…
                                  yep, sometimes
A Antic Naked Tap – see above
A Attack And Pine – sound like Captain after me
                                  with a paddle!
A Attack Pain Den – nope, ours happens in the bedroom
A Attack Pain End - yep, I know WHOSE end that will be!
A Attic Naked Nap – YES! PLEASE!...if Captain and I
                                   only had an attic!
A Cantata Pinked – My screams in no way sound like singing
A Cap Attend Akin – Captain attends his kin very well, thank you!
A Cap Naked Titan – Captain, the naked titan? 
                                   Mmmm…the possibilities!
A Captained Tank – A new name for our house?
A Catnap Date Kin – A catnap date with kin…
                                  as long as it’s the Captain and me!
A Intact Naked Pa – NOT even going there!
A Panic Naked Tat – looked up tat (tatting): a series of loops
                                  & knots joined together to make pretty cuffs
                                  & collars (for clothing)
A Panicked Tan At – panicked at a tanning…
                                   yes, I have been!
Adapt Cane At Kin – Yes, Captain has adapted his
                                   canes at his kin
Attacked Pain An – Attacked, pained, and ??????
Attain Cap Naked – Attain Captain naked…
                                 yes, oh yes, please!
Captain Naked At – Anywhere private is fine with me!
Catnap Ate An Kid – sounds like a bad horror movie
Data Cane At Pink – directions for after the warm up?
Data Cane Pat Kin – More directions?
Data Cane Tap Kin – Captain does more than pat or tap!
Panda Can Take It – If Panda can take it, so can I!


  1. Fun wasn't it? One of mine said Brat for the first word. Hmmm.

  2. It was fun and fun to see what you put above as your results.

  3. I thought it fun too, although got slightly fed up and never scrolled all the way through the full 2597 of them lol! The word 'defied' was strangely in my list? :)

    Dee x

  4. At least you weren't Moldiness Fills Us! Lol.