Monday, August 6, 2012

The Yo-Yo Effect

Tonight I got caught in the yo-yo effect.  I think some of the ladies will understand what I mean.  Tonight I was irritable, cranky, and just out of sorts.  I was dealing with emotions from last night and everything seemed to be getting on my nerves.  And I wanted something to give me back some perspective.  After much internal debate, I decided to ask the Captain for some help, which in our case means a few quick swats in the bathroom, behind two locked doors, with the exhaust fan on, when the kidlets are very engaged in something. 

So I go find him…approach and ask him what he was doing.  We had small talk for a minute…and I escaped, berating myself for being a coward. 

Yo-yo up and down….Wife in and out…

I escaped to the bedroom and gave myself another internal pep talk…determined…I went and found dh again…and I don’t even ask anything this time…I just hug him and leave.

Just call me the yo-yo wife…

More internal berating.  It should not be this HARD to ask.  I am supposed to ask.  I am expected to ask.  And I just can’t.  More internal despair.  Jeeezzzz, I am such a wimp.

So I approach again and hug him and mutter something about help and other intelligible words…and he gets it.  He leads me into our room. 

I am relieved…but I still feel like a yo-yo.

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