Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spanking #3 of 4 - The Running of the House

At first I was not totally happy with spreading out the ‘clearing the slate’ spankings so far apart.  I did like the idea of four spankings each dealing with area.  I just expected them to happen closer together.  Now, I am grateful that Captain has spread it out over time.  He clears the slate and lets me know his expectations in one area, then we have a few days to work on it before adding more.

Last night was spanking #3 of 4, which dealt with the running of the house:  cleaning, chores, homeschool and finances.  I had an abnormal amount of butterflies before this spanking.  I’m not sure if it was because it had been about a week since I’d been spanked or if it was because the last one (Spanking #2) was a LOT more intense than I had bargained for.

Captain always starts with the Blue Cane, which I love for warm ups.  It has just the right feel to get me into the proper head space.  Then he started switching to other stuff.  He didn’t spank hard…but I felt each swat because he swatted as he talked and the Man had a LOT to say!   The past is the past, but what he expects is a lot more than I’ve been doing.  And he’s proving to be very consistent.  I think my days of slacking off are over.  And I am grateful for the accountability (at least at this moment sitting here in this chair…but my opinions have been known to change, lol).

He also had me count for the first time.  I had to count the next twenty swats.  It was very difficult.  He was swatting fast with our wood paddle, and I could hardly get one number out before the next swat fell.  It made it very hard to concentrate.  I did make it through without losing count or having him start over. 

It was a good night.  The slate is cleared.  I have expectations and accountability from him.  It’s nice to know what matters to him.  Before he never said much.  And it was easy to just let everything slide…because nothing bothered him (or so I used to think).  Now I know.  And it feels safer knowing.  It’s not just the accountability…but he’s looking now and NOTICING what is being done (and handing out praise for it) and well as what’s not getting done. 

Speaking of which…I have some things to get done!!!


  1. Just one more to go! Counting sounds hard to do. Glad you got through it all okay. ((hugs))