Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Reader's Night

You know your wife spends lots of time reading about spanking?  You know she’s started a blog?  And she’s doing an awful lot of writing?  What is she reading?  What is she writing?  Is it good? Bad?  What’s she saying about you?  Sometime you’re going to have to take some time and read all this stuff she’s doing?

Then you look at your wife…and she needs tending to…in a very bottom warming kinda way.  And you certainly can’t let that slide…if only there were a way to do both…

Here’s your option…

Send her to the corner.  Set up some pillows across the end of the bed.  Find a nice stingy implement.  Call her to come lay over the pillows.  Give her several quick stingy swats.  Then rub in a small amount of capsaicin into her bottom which will add heat to her already stinging bottom…and have her lay there while you read.  You might ‘refresh’ the spanking every little while with more stingy swats.  She will have her bottom nicely warmed, and you will have time to read.  She is also very available for any thoughts, comments or questions you have for her about your reading.  And you get to read about all this spanking stuff with your naked wife lying in front of you.

Who said guys couldn’t multitask….:-)

1 comment:

  1. Dear Captain,

    If you ever read this...please remember, we tried it, and I did not like it, and I NEVER want to do this again!!
    Please, Sir.