Friday, August 3, 2012

More steps...and no spanking...yet...

We’re still talking every night, which is good.  He’s still putting me across his lap every night, which is pleasurable torture.  Progress is being made.  We’re still tackling difficult subjects.  We’ve had some very intense intimate moments.  He’s given me a few small tasks to complete.  Simple things like clean out a corner in the bedroom which I did.  And I was also stood in said corner that night.   

We both recognize that a spanking will happen soon.  His time, not mine.  We’ve talked a bit about it, but I am trying not to get any preconceived expectations.  Quietness is a major issue…there are ALWAYS kidlets in this house, lol.  We decided to take some money and order a couple of things from  No more dollar store wooden spoons or fifty cent wooden dowels.  We have a couple of plain rattan sticks…which will do when the times come, I’m sure. 

I did talk with him about turning my writing into a blog, which he not only agreed to, but thought was a good idea.  I love to write, and I think it will be good to be able to share and not just lurk!  And so he became Captain…and I became Kate, which is not my real name (obviously, lol).  I love the name Katherine because it sounds feminine, and I love Kate because it sounds strong.  I get a little hung up on names, hating my name in real life, lol. 

I’ve spent a couple of wonderful hours turning my writing into blog posts.  I feel peace.  The Captain and I went out to lunch today with NO kidlets, lol.  It was a wonderful peaceful time together.  I feel calm with him now, and I didn’t have that before.   

I’m still anxious about the first spanking, but I’m taking it a day at a time.  I know it won’t be tonight, because he will be out late playing chauffeur to kidlet#1.  I just keep telling myself:  His time, not mine.

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