Thursday, August 30, 2012

So the CableGuy was here yesterday...

I must have checked the bedroom a thousand times to make sure there was nothing incriminating visible. 

I am SO not used to having strangers in my bedroom. 

And the whole spanking thing made me super-duper-extra-PaRaNoId!!!!!!!!!!
LOL @ myself :-)



  1. I am totally laughing at this!

    I'm thinking about writing a short story about a character (single, used to be in a spanking relationship) who accidentally has her implements noticed by a hot fellow can guess happens then! :)

  2. Ha!!! I almost snorted my soda. Yes, this is something I worry about too. We have our impliments hanging on our wall and I guess I'm not sure how I would explain them. "And is my bath brush in the bedroom in case, I uh...need it."

  3. Hi Kate :)
    That is cute. We have no implements, but I can feel your cringe at the thought that they might be noticed by someone.....
    You don't have an email, Kate, but I wanted to let you know I had a glitch with my internet yesterday and your comment so rerouted to my spam folder.....I didn't know I was supposed to check that thing...I kind of ignored it like the transmission oil in my car. :)
    Anyhow, sorry sweetie. :)

  4. I know what you mean Kate, we have a few things in our bedroom I wouldn't want anyone to see, lol!