Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our first Reader's Night!

I did a post about special nights that I’d like to share with Captain.  It was about having a Reader’s Night (A Reader's Night).  We tried it out last night.  I really want to share my blog with Captain.  We did everything pretty much as I wrote it except that I was also blind folded.  It was an interesting evening. J

Captain had me strip, blindfolded me and had me lay across pillows at the end of the bed.  Then he used an oval sunblock applicator thingie to put a small amount of capsaicin on each “sit spot” on my bottom.  Then he settled in at the head of the bed to read my blog.

I think he enjoyed the reading.  I was really nervous about what he’d say and think.  He gave me lots of great encouragement and compliments.  I think it gave him greater insight to the strange workings of my brain, lol.  He read the first 10 posts, ending with a humorous one called The Yo-Yo Effect.

While he is reading and commenting…I am being ‘silently spanked’ by capsaicin.  Captain put just a little but OWWW!!! does it burn and sting!!!!  I could not stay still at all.  And it came in waves…just when I thought it was easing off, it would come back even worse.  This repeated over and over…and over.  I felt the effects ALL night till around 4 in the morning.  Then this morning when I got dressed, it started all over again, not quite as intense, but I still felt it more than I cared to. 

So while the Captain will be reading more of my blog…we will not be using the capsaicin again any time soon!!

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