Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reader's Night #2

So the first Reader’s Night #1 didn’t work out too well.  Well, you’re not a man to give up.  And you do want to keep up with your wife’s blog.  Heaven only knows what else she has written about!  And as much as she writes, you’d better work hard to keep up!  You can also check out some of the blogs on her blog roll.

When you’re ready to do some more reading, tell her it’s a…

                                                Reader’s Night!

First, send her to the corner to wait while you settle the kidlets for the night.  Then have her remove all her clothing, lead her to the bathroom, and redden her bottom with the paddle. When her bottom is nice and warm, take her to the bed, blind fold her, and have her lay across some pillows.

Now pick a quiet implement, and settle in at the head of the bed to read.  WAIT! 

Before you start reading, tell her the word of the night is…and pick a word.  It could be spank, or swat, or corner, or obey, or HOH…any “buzz word” will do. 

As you read, be on the lookout for that word.  Every time you find that word in your reading, she gets swats.  It can be a lot or a few.  It can be hard or light.  It can vary each time.  Whatever you wish, but each and every time you find that word, she gets at least one swat.

Don’t forget to talk to her about what you are reading.  She is curious to know what your thoughts are…


  1. Yikes! I don't want to do it that way, lol.

    Ours goes like this: "Angel, I want you to read to me tonight." Me: "No" Him: "Yes you will, or you know what is going to happen." ME: "Are you really going to spank me over that?" HIm: "Absolutely" Me: "Sigh..okay, hand me the ipad"

    And that's how it goes. He always has to threaten me with a spanking.

    Your way is creative, I'll give ya that.