Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Toys!

We received our order of new toys.  We finally got to test them out last night.  Lightly!  I was very tender from the night before.  Captain would not use the new toys for the hard spanking the night before, rightly so.  He likes to test anything new before using it with any high intensity.  During testing, I am allowed to give lots of feedback. 

Quietness is a huge issue because of the kidlets.  So we purchased 3 different types of long canes.  We have three rattan rods (no handles), each of different thicknesses, but they are beginning to show wear.  We’ve had them for years, lol. 

Cane #1 – The Long Rattan Cane…complete with handle
          This one STINGS, way worse than the rod we have of the same thickness.  It’s also way more flexible than the rods.  Captain says the finish has something to do with it…poly something or other.  Did I mention it STINGS!  A LOT.  Thank goodness he showed mercy and only used it lightly.

Cane #2 – The Blue Acrylic Cane
          This one is more hurt with a little sting.  I prefer it over the rattan cane.  It still gives quite a ‘wallop’.  And the color blue is really pretty, lol.

Cane #3 – The White Delrin
          This cane is evil.  It’s highly flexible.  It stings, it hurts, and even though he was using it lightly, I could not stay still.  I usually don’t have a problem staying in position, with this one I did. A LOT!

We also got a rubber paddle called Big Foot…smooth on one side, and bumpy on the other.  My only comment:  OUCH!

The last thing we tested was a delrin/rope loop thing.  Hmmm…not sure what I think about that one, yet. 

Wait…we also got two short OTK canes, one rattan, and one blue acrylic.  Verdict is still out on those too. 

Captain has assured me there is much more testing to come…   


  1. Oh my. That's quite a lot of toys. A lot of people are very unsure of the cane. We only have one, a short otk rattan one. I find it very very different from any of our other implements. A very unique 'feel' but I like it....... mostly.
    The only one I'd run from is the loopy. For me, even used very lightly is awful.

    Dee x

    1. We started very slow with the rattan canes when we got them. And Captain is going very slow with the new ones. I like the feel of our middle cane...it's the right balance between sting and thud.
      He used the loopy thing light...but I may take your advice...and run next time he brings it out.


  2. Be glad you didn't get a rug beater. I've seen it in action twice (not on me thank goodness!) and it's scary.