Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rule #3 - Running the House

 I will run the house, not let it run me. 

I will conduct homeschool on a consistent basis.  I will help both kidlets move forward with their education.  And I will remember to have fun times as well as educational times.  I will not burn out myself or the kidlets by trying to do too much.

I will maintain a reasonable state of cleanliness throughout the house.  Especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.  I will delegate (and enforce) chores for the children.  I will continue to use my check lists every day.  I will plan menus for the week.

I will maintain the finances and budget.  I will stick to the budget.  I will not give into impulse buying.  I will plan menus to keep the grocery budget on track.  I will set bills to pay in a timely manner.  I will balance the checkbook at least once a week.

When I get overwhelmed in any of these areas, I will ask for help.  Whether it be chores that need doing or a spanking he needs to give, I will ask for help. 
These are all the “ideals” that I will strive for.  As long as I try and make an honest effort, I am okay.  Captain disciplines more on when I give up or am not trying.  Or if I just choose not to do the things I know I should.  And there’s lots of encouragement, both the verbal and spanking kind.  And he’s just as quick to dish out praise.  Discipline is seldom, but it’s helps just knowing he will, if needed.


  1. Sounds as if you have a good man.

  2. Glad you are getting things figured out. ((hugs))

  3. Wow, Kate, you sound just like me! I tell myself these things every day. Lately I have been trying, and also the cozi calendar and I'm really liking both. It makes me feel more organized. Not sure that I actually AM more organized, but feeling such sometimes makes all the difference!! :-)