Monday, August 13, 2012

The Sounds You Hear...

I threw a hissy fit.  I am ashamed to say it, but I did.  We had been grocery shopping, and when I started putting stuff away, I realized how trashed the pantry was…particularly the kidlets snacks.  Things were falling, the boys were underfoot, complaining about whatever task Captain had assigned them AND it was over 100 degrees out, so we were all hot and sweaty from just coming in.

So I am in the pantry sort of ranting and raving (okay, REALLY ranting and raving) about the mess.  Next thing I know Captain is leading me out of the pantry to our bedroom door.  He has me stand in the family room outside our closed bedroom door.  He tells me to wait right there and tell him what I could hear.  He leaves me standing there…right next to the boys and their lego table.  I can hear the sounds of several swats…he comes back, opens the door, and I tell him I can hear…too much.  He says “Stay there”.  He shuts the door, and I hear more swats but much fainter this time.  He comes back, and I tell him so.  (Please realize I AM mid hissy fit and do not find this amusing.)

He says “Good. Come with me.”  Now I am led to the bathroom.  He tells me that he needed to check the sound out because I need more than our normal hairbrush.  He was testing by hitting his wallet…the creep!...I mean the very astute head of this house.  He then proceeds to paddle me with several quick, hard swats from the wood paddle, emphasizing that I need to CALM down.  And we will be talking about this later.  (About now, I am realizing that I didn’t mind being on the outside of the door as much as I thought!)

Then we went back to the kitchen, and he helped me restore order and neatness…because calmness had already been restored.


  1. I hope you felt better! Sounds like you could use some sound proofing.

  2. LOL, how sweet that he checked on the noise lever first!!! xxx