Monday, August 13, 2012

Rule #1: Respect

Rule #1 – Respect 

I will show respect to the Captain at all times.  I will listen for his voice.  I will stop what I am doing (if possible) and give his words top priority.  I will not allow the children to interrupt us.   I will not shut down or shut him out when I am upset.  I will not avoid discussions that are difficult.  I will be totally honest, and not tell half-truths or try to divert the conversation.  I will not use tending to the children to get out of a difficult conversation.

I will accept his authority and leadership in all things concerning ttwd.  I will not push or try to manipulate things into happening when I want them too.  I will accept his decisions on when/if  I am to be spanked and/or punished in any way. 

I will use a respectful tone when I am talking to him.  I will not demean or criticize him.  I will not try to change what he says to get him to do things my way.  I am allowed to respectfully disagree with him and state my side.  I will accept his word as final on any/all situations. 

I will obey his commands.  I will meet his expectations.  If I fail, I will confess to him and willingly accept any consequence he deems necessary. 

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  1. Wow. There is a lot to that one rule. It will be a struggle but I think you will do just fine. Hugs!