Wednesday, August 8, 2012

About Special Nights

Special Nights are my idea.  I have a creative bent, and I read far too much, AND I have a great imagination.  There are things I want for us to try…but I do NOT want to script or tell Captain what to do either…so I am adding a section to my blog called “Special Nights”.

It lets me post all my imaginings, and Captain can read and choose whether or not to try them at his leisure.  I like it that I won’t know when he reads my ideas…or when/if he’ll ever choose to try them.  It does give him a resource when he’s looking to try something new/different.

I wrote my first Special Night post because I wanted a creative way for him to read my blog for the first time.  I wanted us to be together, I want us to share the experience together.  But I didn’t want to ‘read over his shoulder’ or sit there twiddlin’ my thumbs while he reads.  So I wrote the first Special Nights post about a Reader’s Night.  I printed out just that post and gave it to him to read…and he was definitely receptive. 

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