Saturday, August 18, 2012

Corner Time

Corner Time.  Sigh.  I’m not really sent to the corner as a punishment.  When I am sent to the corner it is more to show my obedience to Captain, than as a punishment.  I don’t really mind corner time.  It’s usually not more than 5 or so minutes.   And usually it is while he has to leave the room, checking to make sure the kidlets are asleep and not wandering the house.

I like the ritual of it, while not the actual standing in the corner.  I like to be *sent* to the corner.  Especially right before a spanking.  I like it that Captain comes and gets me and leads me to the desk.  I like showing my obedience and submission.  I am a full grown woman, and I choose to stand in the corner because my husband tells me to.  It’s incredibly submissive AND empowering. 


  1. Being submissive to Hubby has been quite the eye-opener for me. Something in the giving is so powerful!

  2. I agree, it is SO powerful. And it is giving submission not because I have to but because I CHOOSE to.