Monday, July 30, 2012

I am truly appalled at myself...

The Captain and I had more talking last night.  I am truly appalled with myself.  One of the things he brought up concerning discipline is that I ignore him when he talks to me.  I had no idea I did this.  It’s one of my pet-peeves.  I hate (read: HATE) when I talk to someone and they don’t respond.  I apologized.  I’m torn between relief that he will be holding me accountable to his rules/expectation (and not the ones I choose/decide) and apprehension at what I don’t know I’ve done and the accountability he seems determined will happen.
At this point, we’re still in the talking stages.  Nothing has been decided or put in place yet.  But it’s coming.  We are both comfortable with it and are communicating better than we ever have about it all. 

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