Monday, November 5, 2012

The Ship Capsized...

At least that is what it felt like.

Captain and I have been through a very, very rough patch.  I think the stress of getting ready for the out of town trip, taking the out of town trip, and the catching up from the out of town trip really hit both of us hard.  Our communication really broke down.  There was a lot of stress and distance between us.

It felt like my biggest fear had come true...this was just another phase of that on again/off again ttwd that we have been doing for years.  I was devastated.  This went on for about three weeks.  It was terrible.  I am sure it felt worse than it actually was, at least to me. 

Thursday, Captain and I sat down for a talk.  And he, very hoh-ish, told me how he felt and what things were *going* to change.  And how we were going back to the way things were before the trip.  I loved that HE said this, he brought it up, and he started things again.

I was very thoroughly spanked on both Friday and Saturday nights.  The only thing that saved me on Sunday night was Captain wasn't feeling well.  Both nights things went good...or as good as getting your bare bottom well paddled can go.  Both nights ended with a calm, peace between Captain and I that hadn't been there is a while. 

So we are sailin' again...and I have got a ton of reading to catch up on...

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